Free forms, diaries and charts for the management of ME/CFS.    


ME Forms

I am "90% expert" in the ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) that I have, and my hope is that you can become your own expert.

I have built this website for others with ME/CFS, or Health Professionals treating people with ME/CFS, to help manage the illness.  There are blank Forms, Charts and Diaries (with completed examples) to help you manage your time and, more importantly your energy.  They can be downloaded as a Word document, a PDF file or a JPEG which you can edit and print, for free.

The forms are designed to be used in the above order, from A-H, or, just pick the ones that you will find most useful.  This is not a cure, simply paper-based tools to help you improve your understanding and management of ME/CFS by planning, recording and regularly reviewing your own routine.

If you have found this free website useful, you may wish to make a donation to ME Research UK.