Free forms, diaries and charts for the management of ME/CFS  


ME Forms

I have had ME since 1998 and I have built this website for others with ME, or Health Professionals treating people with ME, to provide assistance with managing the illness.  There are Forms, Charts and Diary Templates which can help you to manage your time and, more importantly, your energy.  This is not a cure, simply paper-based tools to help you increase your understanding of how the ME impacts on you, which in turn can help you gain, or increase your management of the illness and (hopefully) make improvements too.

ME Forms provides you with various examples and blank templates of each form, to help you design, plan and record your own routine.  The idea is to help you document something that works specifically for you and that you can refer back to and amend or update at anytime.  All the blank templates can be downloaded onto a computer as a Word document, a PDF file or a JPEG and can be freely edited by you.

I have used the forms for several years - have they helped me? Yes. Will they help you? I hope so. For example, the Daily Diary Grid sheet takes a few seconds to complete at the end of each day.  It provides a snapshot of the amount of rest/activity/sleep for that day which can be very useful to look back as you build up information over several weeks or months. I provide completed examples of all the forms.

I now feel as though I am a "90% expert" in the ME that I suffer from and my hope is that you can become your own expert.

Some of you may find this type of record-keeping is not for you. Not a problem. Maybe you just want to use one or two forms, or maybe you already do something similar. Indeed, if you use something yourself which you think others may benefit from, please use the Contact page to tell me about it and I could add it to this website.

This website is free to all users.  If you have found it useful, you may wish to make a donation to