Free forms, diaries and charts for the management of ME/CFS.  

(Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)  

ME Forms

Use this form to help you work out a rating or scoring system based on how severe or mild the ME symptoms are each day.  If you look at the form you will see I suggest a score of 1-9, 9 being the most well.  It is not necessary to consider a 9 as how you were before you developed ME.  You can use your own interpretation of illness and wellness that is appropriate to you on good and bad days.  Symptom Rating Chart helps you to look at the ME/CFS more objectively.  You may wish to record a daily rate/score on the Daily Diary Grid.  There is 1 example and 2 templates of this form.

Blank - SYMPTOM RATING CHART - for you to enter your own Ratings and Activity Descriptions

SYMPTOM RATING CHART - Half Completed -  enter your own Activity Recommendations


 Blank forms are available in Word or PDF format.  Example forms are available in PDF format only.  Click on either the Word

 or PDF link below the form to open the document on your computer.  Alternatively, right click on any form and choose "Save

 picture as..." to save it as a JPEG to your computer.  Forms may be edited and printed to suit your needs.

F  Symptom Rating Chart